Calling CUNY students + grads...

CO•OP, CUNY, and Google are joining forces to prepare NYC's next generation of digital marketers. The CO•OP apprenticeship bridges the (sometimes-scary) gap between college and career. Along the way, you'll develop the competencies, connections, and confidence to thrive in NYC's booming digital community.

Here's the skinny:

We invite you to explore our website in detail, but here are the most important facts.  If you're interested, please apply today—it's quick, and there's no faster way to put your degree to work.

  • Who?  A cohort of 12 recent CUNY graduates (GPA 3.0+)
  • What?  A four-month apprenticeship journey: Four weeks training + twelve weeks of work and mentorship with a digital marketing team in NYC.  By the end, you'll have a set of highly-employable skills, plus Google certification and a professional portfolio and to prove it.  That's a serious leg up on the competition.
  • Where?  Trainings take place at a CUNY campus in Manhattan, and CO•OP apprentices work on marketing teams across the city.
  • When?  Early next year!  Specifically, late-January through the end of May 2015.  "Boot camp" happens weeknights (5-9pm) for a month, and the apprenticeship placement is full-time (part-time opportunities possible) + ongoing evening workshops (likely T/Th).
  • Why?  The future of advertising is on the web—just check out the graph below.  Your strong academic foundation (check!) combined with digital skills and real-world agency experience (that's where we come in) will make you the strongest candidates around.  And your professional digital portfolio + Google certification will help make that undeniable.
  • How?  Apply now!  Applications are due Friday, November 28.  Interviews (by invitation) take place in late November and early December—and final offers go out by December 11. (2013)


Other burning questions:

Does CO•OP guarantee a full-time job offer?

We can't make any guarantees, but helping every apprentice earn a full-time offer is our #1 priority.  In fact, helping you start rewarding, twenty-first century careers is our whole reason for existing.

How much does the program cost?

Nothing.  Nada.  Nichts.  CO•OP is free for apprentices, and we're committed to keeping it that way.

Are apprentices paid?

We're working as hard as we can to ensure that every apprentice earns at least $1,000 during each month of the three month placement period.  Participants will also receive a more modest stipend during the pre-placement training.  We can't make a hard-and-fast legal guarantee, but providing a livable stipend is an essential part of our mission.

What is digital marketing, anyway?

Maybe the best way to understand this fast-growing industry is to meet an actual customer:

This is the story of Roberto Gil, a designer and owner of Casa Kids, a custom furniture shop in Brooklyn. Google AdWords, the premier search engine marketing (SEM) tool, helped him increase website traffic by "30 percent in just a few months." That kind of improvement can mean the difference between success and failure for a small business.

But most small—and large—businesses can't handle the complex challenges of digital marketing alone. That's why they turn to Google Partner agencies to create online advertising and social media campaigns, website design and optimization, and much more. As a digital marketer, you'll help businesses like Casa Kids—as well as some of your favorite big brands—thrive on the web.

And who's behind CO•OP?

That's me: Kalani Leifer.  I've been thinking about CO•OP in some form or another my whole career—and each step of that journey has helped define and refine the model you see today.

  1. First and foremost, I was a history teacher at Kappa International, a small public high school in the Bronx, NY (via Teach For America).  My former students are talented, thoughtful young men and women—with more to offer than most employers will ever know.  I want to help change that.
  2. Next I was a consultant in Zurich and Dubai (with McKinsey).  Working on education projects abroad, I came to understand that young people around the world face extremely uncertain paths to meaningful employment.  But I also encountered examples to learn from, including Switzerland's remarkable apprenticeship system.
  3. And, finally, the last piece of the puzzle: Discovering the booming world of digital marketing + tech as a project leader at Google in California.  There, I found a fast-growing industry—hungry for talented, thoughtful young people with curiosity, passion, and a solid foundation of skills.  And I knew just where to find them: New York City.

Oh, and by the way: I have an awesome puppy named Snacks.