Together, we're overcoming underemployment 

COOP is a nonprofit with a simple mission: Connect underrepresented, underemployed college grads to meaningful careers in tech, media, and design. For free.

We launched our first cohort with a dozen grads from the City College of New York in September 2014. Leaping ahead, we've now run ten cohorts, welcoming 120+ New Yorkers into our boisterous community. In that time, 85% of COOP alumni have overcome underemployment, earning desirable offers that require their college degree.

Best part? These very same alumni "pay it forward" as coaches, mentors, and door-openers. We know finding meaningful work requires connections, and we know these connections cluster in certain families, neighborhoods, and schools. Instead of fighting this, we're building our own community, made strong by shared experience and countless peer connections.

Now, together with Google and its vibrant Google Partners network, COOP is coming home to the Bay Area (where the concept first hatched). We're eager to meet driven, community-minded grads from SF State, SJ State, CSU East Bay, and other public universities in California. In particular, we're looking for Bay Area locals from diverse communities who are passionate (or at least curious) about careers in digital marketing.

Thanks for your interest in our mission and community. Please take some time to explore our problem, our program, and our people—and then consider applying for our Fall 2016 Bay Area cohorts. The application is live now and interviews will begin in June.