Short Intro. My name is Benny Zhen. I am passionate about learning and doing challenging things. I have developed an interest in digital marketing and seek a career in it helping clients capture and retain an audience.

Where Have I Been? I graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science. During my time there I worked as a lab assistant at the WEB Building. I coordinated a lab schedule that was free and troubleshooted issues people were having in the lab. 

Where Am I Now? I currently work as an IT Support Specialist for the Research Foundation of CUNY. I help users resolve computer issues that appears and communicate with users on how to avoid the problem. I am also in CO*OP as a Digital Marketing Apprentice working with a community of aspiring digital marketers. In CO*OP we are learning and working with effective marketing methods and tools that's used as standard in the digital marketing industry.

Where Am I Going? In the future, I envision myself managing a team of digital marketers working with multiple clients helping them reach a broader audience and fine tuning the ways to reach the untapped audience.   

3 Strengths

  • I can focus intensively on tasks.
  • I can think critically on multiple solutions.
  • I can work well in teams.

1 Learning Target

  • I can communicate the importance of multiple digital marketing tools that are vital to success.


2 Companies I really admire and Why

Google is considered one of the pioneers of digital marketing. Starting out as a search engine and becoming the most popular search engine in unprecedented amount of time, Google have paved the way for digital marketing. With business and users meticulously researching and experimenting how to make their website appear on the first page of Google search results from a multitude of search words. Google later made tools and services to help business and users to improve their ranking on the search results in the form of Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Google has and will continue to innovate the digital marketing world.

Pricing Engine is a web service for advertisers to benchmark, optimize, and expand their digital marketing campaigns. Pricing Engine uses a letter report card system that compares how you are doing in comparison to your peers. By comparing how you are doing to your peers, you can get accurate and effective data to improve your digital marketing campaigns. Along with that is an analysis of suggestions for improvement and the estimated value of improving that grade. This allows the users to strategize and prioritize the areas of improvement that will improve marketing campaigns, while saving valuable time and money.      


Let me tell you about ...

It was around the time that I was still working on my degree at Brooklyn College and being employed at the WEB Building. It was a few weeks before finals and there was a flood of people wanting to use the labs for their assignments. There was not enough people working to deal with this amount of people, I wasn’t clocked in but decided to help out my co-workers. I let them use the labs then signing them in rather than the opposite. This speeded up the process tremendously and reduced the user’s frustration for waiting. After doing things this way, the initial flood passed and became a manageable number of people. My co-workers were glad that I was there to help and thanked me for helping them. This experience has taught me that working with a team and coming with creative solutions to problems is immensely satisfying knowing that it’s great that someone’s got your back.