At the core I am a creative with sights on everything from music production & visual art direction, to clothing design and fabrication. 

Between 2006 and 2009, I studied Psychology at Lehman college. My focus was psychopathology and child development. I've used My knowledge of human mental growth and propensity within the fields of marketing and customer service.

Presently, I work at one of T-mobile's retail locations in Manhattan, providing customer service and device troubleshooting solutions to customers. Aside from that I am currently involved in a digital marketing apprenticeship supported by Google, wherein I am learning the fundamentals of social media marketing.

I wish to depart from the direct sales aspect of retail and pursue social media marketing full-time. The skills and experience I gain on that path I will utilize to further develop My own personal brands and creative projects.

3 Strengths

  • assess and prioritize many variables simultaneously
  • highly adaptable to changes/challenges
  • effective communicator of ideas

1 Learning Target

  • I wish to learn more about paid social media marketing.

2 Companies I really admire and why

Ralph Lauren has set a standard in the fashion world that I feel as yet to be touched.  Before even seeing a piece, the sheer mention of "it's Ralph" or "Polo" is immediately associated with outstanding quality. You don't question that. That's a paradigm.

VICE is at the forefront of truly liberated news media. Unlike conventional media outlets who pander to corporate and political institutions, VICE operates independently of these influences and focuses on less spoken on topics often considered taboo or "inconveniently true". VICE is not just news but an umbrella of other groups that cover a plethora of topics relevant to any culture.

"Wavering WiFi"

The year was 2006. I was working at The Lehman College computer lab as a humble but motivated Student Aid, helping My fellow Lehmanites troubleshoot any issues. 

Like most any other day at the lab, I was standing by watching students hurry to and fro, looking up research topics here, submitting Blackboard assignments there…pretty usual stuff. Things starting taking a bad turn once students noticed our wifi network would come and go sporadically…until it stopped working all together! Unknown to most, My manager and I had spent the last 3 weeks doing cabling and setting up new wiring to ultimately replace the old (and deteriorating) setup. The wiring, server and new routers were ready to go! But management left implicit instructions NOT to bring the network online until he returned. Did I mention he was on vacation to the Bahamas and wouldn’t return for another week? 

Needless to say, the students were not pleased. Deadlines were at hand and excuses just wouldn’t do! I activated the network, went back to the lab and guided My coworker in connecting all the PCs with the new network. This network was lightyears faster and more reliable than what we previously had, much to the satisfaction of our student body.

My manager had been informed of My actions by the time he returned. Admittedly, I was apprehensive to meet with him. To be quite frank, he was a bit of a hard#$% who didn’t take insubordination lightly. I find Myself in his office, him sitting behind the desk…scrutinizing Me briefly before letting out a heartfelt laugh. He could see that I was nervous so he reassured Me that I was not in any trouble. In fact, he was glad I had the presence of mind to prioritize the urgent need for a positive solution as opposed to adherence to his previous instructions. He did however feel the need say I shouldn't go and make habit of it. Fair enough.

The experience taught Me to always trust My instincts.  Above all, that prior knowledge and skills implemented at the right time can have positive affect anywhere you go.