Short Intro.  My name is Arlynn. I am passionate about creating story-telling content and photography.

Where Have I Been? I recently received two Bachelors of Arts degrees from The City College of New York (CCNY) in Communications, specializing in Advertising/Public Relations, and an additional degree in Sociology. My educational and professional experience has allowed me to gained a broad range of marketing communications skills. Previously,  I was a Program Associate at Code/Interactive (C/I), a non-profit organization that provides computer science and entrepreneurship skills to low-income students. I developed my own public relations campaign, wrote content for communication/press out-reach, social media platforms, and blog posts. 

Where Am I Now? Currently, I am a Public Relations Intern at Crenshaw Communication and In addition, I began COOP to gain new skills in digital marketing with a supportive community.

Where Am I Going? In 10 years, I plan on using my public relations and digital marketing experience to develop my own agency to support tech companies, startups, and nonprofits.

3 Strengths

  • I can build meaningful relationships.
  • I can be supportive to my colleagues.
  • I can be adaptive to learn new skills.

1 Learning Target

  • I can improve my writing by seeking feedback.

2 Companies I really admire and Why


I consider myself a 'news junkie,' consistently keeping up with the latest trends and updates from The New York Times. Their stories are always well informative, clear, and concise, leading me to continue reading another article. I really enjoy reading their 'Opinion' articles that discuss the impacts of my NYC community, woman, and social causes.

        Twitch is an online live streaming platform where broadcasters can release and perform their content in real-time with viewer interaction live. I first found out of Twitch several years ago when I wanted to find a hobby that doesn't involve being the viewer but a content creator. Now as a live broadcaster, I consider Twitch as my second hobby, influencing many individuals around the world with my creative content and entertainment.

Google's multinational technology company has impressively grown with many services to every individual. They uniquely understand their audience and businesses to provide their service. Google is always adapting to the digital industry, becoming a lifestyle to its users. 

Let me tell you about ...

... a time when I was challenged. At the beginning college, my goal was get out of my comfort zone and become more social. I decided to join a media organization to utilize my passion for photography, while meeting new people and attending events. I became a camera host and learned to be more comfortable when presenting myself and the organization. Following that year, I decided to run for Vice President to help new students have a similar opportunity. I've experienced a challenge working with a group where we each had to time-manage projects, events, and members' participation. My team and I decided to developed frequent communication and weekly meeting check-ins to better support each other on tasks. Becoming a student leader in for my organization allowed me to increase member participation and manage more events/projects at The City College of New York.