Short Intro.  Hello! My name is Marisol. I am a mother of two and who enjoys the small things in live. I also have an obsession with television and social media. 

Where Have I Been?  I graduated September 2016 from Brooklyn College, with a Bachelor in Science Accounting degree. During my time at Brooklyn College I volunteered at the Learning Center as a Macroeconomics tutor and front desk clerk. I previously held positions as a Data Entry clerk, receptionist and administrative assistant at a workers compensation Law Firm. Maintaining clients files through the Prolaw system and answered incoming calls for 10 different offices. I assisted paralegals and attorneys to set and confirm client appointments. I gain valuable skills including, organizational, expert problem solving and attention to detail within the position.

Where Am I Now? I’m currently a Digital Marketing Apprentice in a program called COOP where they teach and motivate CUNY graduates to meaningful careersI’m currently learning about Google analytics, SEO, SEM, paid social and social media. 

Where Am I Going? In the future I hope to enter graduate school and get a Masters degree in business. I would love to see myself working in analytics I find numbers very interesting.

3 Strenghts

  • I can retain and comprehend easily.
  • I can arrange and assemble multiple data. 
  • I can accurately accomplish a task.

1 Learning Target

  • I can take on more leadership roles to motivate and teach others.


2 Companies I really admire and Why


What I admire most about Amazon is its slogan "and you're done" because its the one place where you can go online and get pretty much anything. Amazon focuses on putting their customers first. 

        Twitch is an online live streaming platform where broadcasters can release and perform their content in real-time with viewer interaction live. I first found out of Twitch several years ago when I wanted to find a hobby that doesn't involve being the viewer but a content creator. Now as a live broadcaster, I consider Twitch as my second hobby, influencing many individuals around the world with my creative content and entertainment.

Netflix is the one place you can go and watch movies, tv shows and original content. They allow a family to watch a movie together or separately through different profiles. What I admire about Netflix is their reasonable prices. 

Let me tell you about ...

Two years ago, I decided to quit my job as a data entry clerk and return to school. Although it was one of my biggest challenges as a mother of two, I felt it was the right move for me. Being in the company for five years, I asked for a rise after being promoted without one. They could not give me one at the time. I shorty realize that my lack of education could have contributed to not getting a rise. That is when I took the necessary step to return to school and get my Bachelors degree. I learned that in order to get ahead one must never stop learning because knowledge paves the way to a brighter and better future.