Short Intro. 

Hello! My name is Janice Christine Mercado. I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer with a strong focus on brand storytelling and digital marketing strategy. 


Where Have I Been? 

I graduated from The City College of New York with a BFA in Electronic Design / Multimedia, with a minor in traditional Marketing / Public Relations. Since graduation, I have had exciting opportunity to work with small businesses, fashion brands, and technology startups to develop engaging, consumer - facing brand narratives.

Where Am I Now? 

Currently, I am a Visual Designer for MakerBot -- an industry leader in 3D desktop printing technology. I joined COOP in 2016 to further develop my skills in team collaboration, leadership and most importantly -- digital marketing strategy. 

Where Am I Going? 

In the near future, I hope to integrate the skills I have learned in COOP to my current role at MakerBot. Beyond this, I plan to open my own full - service ad agency that develops


Near future plans beyond starting a career in digital marketing (think about the skills you want to develop); 10 years from now (where do you see yourself, what are dreams/goals)

3 Strengths

  • I can ...
  • I can ...
  • I can ...

1 Learning Target

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2 Companies I really admire and Why


Why do you like this company? What makes them special? Is there a leader at this organization you really admire?

        Twitch is an online live streaming platform where broadcasters can release and perform their content in real-time with viewer interaction live. I first found out of Twitch several years ago when I wanted to find a hobby that doesn't involve being the viewer but a content creator. Now as a live broadcaster, I consider Twitch as my second hobby, influencing many individuals around the world with my creative content and entertainment.

Why do you like this company? What makes them special? Is there a leader at this organization you really admire?

Let me tell you about ...

Setting the stage. When did this happen? What was the organization/college? What was your role? 

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The middle. What actions did you take? Why did you make those decisions? Be specific!

The End. What were the end results/outcomes?

Reflection. What did you learn? How can this be applied to this and other roles?