Short Intro.  Hello! I'm Arnaldo Perez. I have worked in the Translations Industry for the last 4 years during my undergraduate career. Currently, I am looking to transition back into a career in Digital Marketing and Analytics versus my current role in Project Management.

Where Have I Been? I graduated from CUNY Brooklyn College in 2013 with a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing, all the while working at a Translations Agency called Temple Translations Inc. as an Operators Coordinator. Throughout my undergraduate career I have held various internships in which I learned and honed many skills such as fundraising, cold-calling, appointment setting, merchandising, creating and editing RFI's/RFP's, pipe-lining, and cataloging along with various database work.

Where Am I Now?

Through the help of my fellow mates and leaders at COOP I landed a role as a Premium Account Specialist at Bing Ads (Microsoft).

I am beginning to develop both professionally and personally alongside the other members of my cohort that I have gotten the pleasure to know thus far. Each summer I spend my time as a Tournament Coordinator with Street2Street, working with High School Students as an avenue to minister the gospel to them.

Where Am I Going? 

3 Strengths

  • I can juggle multiple projects of large volume while working on various time differences.
  • I can be very authentic
  • I great at multi-tasking whilst giving every activity the required amount of attention

1 Learning Target

  • I need to be as strong in team settings as I am individually

2 Companies I really admire and Why


From my High-School days, has been a large resource to me that I have used over the years in my ever-going fitness journey. What was once a place to just read forum articles from credible experts, to a video archive of training and nutrition to the broadcasts of the Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia contest, has become the largest retailer for supplementation and a community website with its "BodySpace" App. What makes it more credible now is the fact that has released a sports-nutrition webpage and Sales on still remain strong, despite the huge audience of consumers still has.

WWE - a staple of every person's childhood since the 80's and 90's (and those born before). What makes this company so interesting is not only its huge Global Presence but its chance to constantly re-invent itself whenever possible. From the once grueling Attitude-Era we much loved, to the Global Brand that is involves itself within communities under "Be a STAR", it's involvement with the USA Military, to its yearly stint with Susan G Komen. WWE remains a staple of global entertainment (along with the WWE Network) with 10's of millions of viewers each week, that takes normal people and makes them Larger than Life.