Short Intro.  Hey there! My name is James and I am a dedicated individual with experience in photography (I shot that photo above! Let me know what you think), event planning, analytics, digital marketing, and social media.  I possess a comprehensive understanding of underrepresented communities within New York City, and have a strong desire to use my digital marketing skills I have honed in order to market products and services to different populations around the world. Check out my Linkedin page!

Where Have I Been? I am a recent Fordham University graduate with a degree in Psychology and Marketing. I have previously worked in the Health and Education fields-- specifically, as an Archival Assistant for Fordham University, Student Worker for Fordham’s Human Resources, and a Teen Health Intern for Union Medical Clinic. Aside from my work experience, I have dedicated my time within Fordham University as the treasurer of the Black Student Alliance at Fordham (ASILI) and have been an active participant in the March of Dimes and the AIDS Walk.

Where Am I Now? Currently, I am unemployed and am seeking a career in the Digital Marketing field. In order to do so; I joined COOP, where I am learning how to use proper digital marketing tools (Google Analytics/Adwords, Microsoft Excel, etc) in order to properly equip myself for a career in Digital Marketing/Social Media. COOP has given me the opportunity to gain competitiveness and community when pursuing a career in the digital marketing field.

Where Am I Going? For the future, I hope to hone my current skills while also acquiring new abilities. As I grow, I anticipate that my analytics, leadership, and communication skills elevate to the point that I am able to present and talk to large groups of people with ease. I also expect to gather more knowledge on imaging programs such as Photoshop/Lightroom. Mastering these programs will assist in ultimately launching my personal blog/website that will deal with Entertainment and Mental Health Wellness. In the distant future, I will be a Senior Account Executive or a Senior Digital Analyst at a Digital Marketing or Social Media agency. I hope that throughout my professional endeavors, I will engage with larger audiences and make lasting effects on the segments that I am explicitly targeting.   


3 Strengths

  • Analytical Prowess
  • High Emotional Intelligence/Interpersonal skills
  • High Organizational Skills 

1 Learning Target

  • To master google Adwords and Analytics

2 Companies I really admire and Why


GroupM sparks my interest because it is one of the most expansive media agencies within the world. This company is eclectic and unique and in the sense that it is really intrigues me. I want to know and be a part of what their plans as a company are and how I can help them achieve their desires.  


I admire this company because it offers a well rounded digital agency which provide 360 degree solutions to their clients. I really like the fact that they work with clients that I admire and want to work with-- primarily being Canon.  


Let me tell you about ...


Three years ago, during my sophomore year, I joined the executive board of the Black Student Alliance at Fordham University, ASILI. When I initially joined the club’s executive board as the Treasurer, it usually generated 3-7 students per meeting, and around 20-40 students per event. Although I generally maintained the budget, expenses, and pricing, each of the members were responsible for generating topics and ideas for the weekly newsletters, events, and promotions. My main priority within this event was to increase the popularity of our events and their engagement. Alongside my other executive board members, we brainstormed for an event that would create better brand awareness and engagement. After much deliberation we decided to create an event that was inclusive of all the various cultures around the world and their talents. We ultimately decided that this event will be comprised of all the cultural clubs and performance groups gathering together and performing a talent for the rest of the audience to grasp a glimpse of their culture and traditions. We, of course, also partook in the talent and provided food. This event was Fordham University's first ever cultural dinner show named, Taste The World. Not only was I in charge of digital and traditional channels of promotion, but I also directed how much should be charged per ticket. In the events inception, I made tickets worth a dollar per person and 3 dollars at the door, to gauge how many people would come. To our surprise, over 500 students came to our event and over exceeded my expectations! We noticed this spike in attendance for our event because a main portion of our marketing strategy was to make each affiliate club sponsor this event so we could have a large audience. I recorded the statistics for future reference, within the following year, I increased the price of the tickets to 3 dollars per person and 5 at the door. Additionally, I maintained our digital and traditional promotional campaign. The audience, to our surprise continued to increase, which increased the clubs overall profit and ROI by 3 times the original amount. To this day, Taste The World is ASILI’s staple on Fordham and one of the signature events for fall semester. Creating an effective marketing campaign for my club taught me how to multitask, manage a product, and increase the overall profit of my club. Additionally, it has taught me the importance of knowing how to effectively promote and price certain items to not only achieve a goal, but ultimately exceed expectation.