Media Planning/Buying

Media Planning/Buying

Media Planning & Buying is all about reaching the right eyeballs at the right time. It is not about getting your brand out there in the hopes that "any" eyeball will see it. Nowadays, advertisers are more concerned about reaching the "right" eyeball.

Notice how I emphasize the word "right". That is because businesses are increasingly seeing a positive impact investing dollars into all kinds of specific mediums, especially digital. And the great thing about this discipline is that campaigns can easily be modified, integrated, and optimized. With the vast amount of data available to measure, digital media planning/buying can easily be both analytical and creative.

As a response to digital growing, traditional media has been on the mission to gain a share of that growth. A recent trend is the integration of social media and digital platforms with traditional ones. If you notice, we are often encouraged through traditional outlets to follow The Food Network on snapchat, tweet about your favorite contestant in The Bachelor, and to check-in on Yelp! for a free prickly pear shot at Dos Caminos. We are looking towards an integrated future...

...but this is only the beginning.

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