Hello.   I make videos and edit things and stuff. 

So, here's my story. I graduated from Queens College with a B.A. in Media Studies.  I am a professional nerd.  I channeled my natural curiosity about Power Rangers into my involvement with a podcast, over 300 episodes, and over 2,000 devoted fans under its belt. During its 5 year run, I've helped strengthen the podcast's presence in the show's fan community.  These efforts have caught the attention of companies like Saban Brands, and Mill Creek Entertainment, which allowed me to help increase their online presence on social media.  
Then, I moved on to other things.  Currently, I assist in producing, promoting, branding, and creating content for ZeronXepher, a YouTube channel that showcases a variety of products from around the world. Together, our combined creative efforts have grown our viewership, and have been seen through the eyes of over 40 million people, and followed by over 50,000 fans.  

I love giving people a voice, and getting people's voices heard.  And that's what I continue to see myself doing in the future.   I am looking to find a way I could use my content creating and branding skills to help companies effectively connect and engage with their markets.  And by doing so, I'll be helping myself come up with new ways to bring people together.   

I'm good at...

  • Producing photo, video, and audio content.
  • Hopping on social trends, and incorporating them into the content I make. 
  • Coming up with new ideas to brand content. 

I need work on...

  • Trusting the value and integrity of my work.  

I love these guys. 

Bandai was my first exposure to branding and marketing concepts.  The way the American, and Japanese branches of the company culturally influence each other, as well as the way both companies market their products, continues to surprise me every year.  In a struggling industry where apps and technology have led kids to outgrow toys at a much younger age, Bandai somehow manages to generate strong awareness with their top brands despite that.   

There's no stone left un-turned when it comes to Shout! Factory home video releases.  If you like a show or movie that's mostly considered obscure in pop culture, Shout! will take that request into consideration, so long as there's a potential market for that.  Shout! Factory makes an effort to give niche titles a chance.   That's what I respect about this company.   They take their feedback on upcoming and potential releases seriously, and do the best that they can to satisfy even the most niche of followings.    

Let me tell you about...

...this time my friend and I put out a video on our YouTube channel in 12 hours.  It was a nice November morning.  The holiday season was coming around and a whole new line of Power Rangers toys was beginning to roll out in time for Christmas of 2014.  My friend told me that he just obtained a bunch of those toys, one of which was a key toy in that line.  Being the first to cover a product is integral for a good viewership online.    Knowing that, I pushed to get our creative juices flowing that day.  During a brainstorm session.  I divided the workload; my friend worked on filming footage, while I scripted out the narration.  We both shared voice over duties.  After half a day of non-stop production, managed to do the impossible.   We finished a comprehensive video demonstration of a children's toy that just came out.   The video was seen by over 30,000 people, and we gained significant subscriber traction that day.