Short Intro.  Hey! My name is Danielle Shallow and no, I'm not shallow. I'm a Brooklyn, NY native and my interests range from front end web development to researching user experience on websites. 

Where Have I Been? In 2014 I graduated from Baruch College with my M.P.A. in addition to receiving my B.A. in Television & Radio and Sociology from Brooklyn College in 2011.  I've also spent my time building the web presence of organizations like City Parks Foundation and the Black Farmers and Urban Gardner's Conference with their web presence. In addition, I have also taught web design basics to high school students at The City Parks Foundation.

Where Am I Now? I am a Digital Marketing Apprentice with Cooperate NYC (CO*OP), gaining first hand experience in social media advertising, search engine optimization, search engine marketing as well as other digital marketing skills. I am also an Office Assistant at Medgar Evers College, where in addition to basic office duties, I write newsletters, email blasts and create flyers to entice students to take advantage of the College's opportunities. I joined Cooperate NYC to build upon the skills I have and to learn new tricks that I can add to my digital marketing toolkit.

Where Am I Going? I want to learn as many digital marketing skills as possible through CO*OP.  Several jump out at me, such as User Experience and Search Engine Optimization. After CO*OP, I want to continue to build upon my skill set by working with a company that isn't afraid to invest in me through continuing education. As I accumulate more experience, I want to create a one stop shop production company for small businesses, incorporating web and graphic design, digital and guerrilla marketing, and video production.

3 Strengths

  • I can identify needs in a project and provide solutions
  • I can learn quickly and adapt to different situations
  • I can solve problems on a short notice

1 Learning Target

  • I can teach a client mobile advertising best practices 

2 Companies I really admire

I admire Laundry Service because they are a data driven social media marketing company. Data is the backbone of any business decision. The analysis of data determines how a marketing plan is put together and who should be its target.  It also shows where your company can improve and how much impact any move will make.  Their Chief Information Officer, Ross Sheingold said it best: "It’s our job to harness all of the personal data being shared to create content that results in value for all."

Since its inception six years ago, PMG has grown to be a powerhouse that services global brands. I admire their exponential growth and their commitment to utilizing multiple innovative methods to ensure their clients happiness and success. 

Let me tell you about ...

I work at Medgar Evers College (MEC), an institution that has a high population of students who need academic and personal assistance.  In the fall 2014 semester, my boss brought an intensive entrepreneurship training program to the campus so students who have business ideas will be able to bring them to life.  The program was a week long during the College's January break, and included students being in workshops for 12 hours.  My main task was to recruit 15 passionate students for the training program.  This proved to be a challenge because of the culture of the College.  MEC is a commuter school, where students travel to and from the campus.  Also, many of MEC's students have families they take care of, in addition to working one or more jobs.  Students want to complete their classwork and go home, so it is challenging to find individuals who are willing to stay on campus after their course is over.

Because of MEC's culture, this was one of my toughest assignments.  For this assignment, I had to think differently and utilize tactics I normally would not have applied.  I used a combination of traditional and digital media strategies to recruit 15 passionate students.  For instance, I created an informative flyer that was printed and posted across campus, in addition to emailing over 1,000 students about the opportunity.  I also spoke to students one on one as they trickled into my office, and trained my work study staff to go into classrooms to pitch the boot camp.  As a last effort, I organized an on campus information session that included a representative from the boot camp's Boston office.  With the informational, students were able to ask questions and receive thorough responses from someone who works day to day within the program.

Before the program began in January 2015, I recruited all 15 students and had a waiting list.  The students I recruited were exceptional and went to compete in pitch competitions across New York State, winning over $10,000.  This recruitment opportunity allowed me to provide a lifetime impact on many students.  I learned to not judge students based off of their GPA's but rather on their interests and passions.