I am Angela Adusah, a Ghanian-American fueled by connectivity. All that I endeavor is based on my drive to communicate that which innovates, sustains growth and promotes individuality and community. 

Where Have I Been? I hold a Bachelors Degree in Communication Arts (Media Studies) with a minor in Psychology from Allegheny College. As a very active working student, I successfully managed to work as a student/activity coordinator, choreographer, actress and assisted clubs on campus advertise upcoming events. After college, I worked as an artist assistant for published printmaker, Steve Prince where I managed inventory, facilitated workshops, and establish a productive relationship with the Meadville community. I have always found satisfaction in witnessing quantifiable results after discovering new ways to connect communities. 

Where Am I Now?
By day, I am a Substitute Teacher and Teacher's Aid through School Professionals, an agency in the Greater NYC area, where I follow and create lesson plans geared towards managing pre-schoolers through a day of activities.
By night, I am a Digital Marketing Apprentice at COOP, NYC. Within COOP, I grow with a diverse cohort towards understanding innovations within Digital Marketing while exploring its potential. With special interest in Search Engine Optimization, Media Planning/Buying and Paid Social, I aim to crystalize my understanding of digital marketing terms and strategies while building an assortment of reliable sources to follow recent trends and topics.

Where Am I Going? My short term goal is to gain expertise in SEO through Content Managing positions where I learn ways to optimize traffic to an online publication and/or website. In ten years, I aspire to oversee an advertising / marketing agency that strives on sustainable progression.


3 Strengths

  • I am an active listener.
  • I am a collaborative leader.
  • I am an upbeat team-player.

1 Learning Target

  • I aim to build a fluency with digital marketing terms and gain certifiable skills through COOP.

Companies I admire:

A success story:

In the spring of 2015, I initiated and coordinated a community art project that launched the start of a neighborhood initiative, . In the beginning, an executive member of the neighborhood center approached me for advice on how to launch MNC, Meadville Neighborhood Center. 

I went straight into action as I proposed a collaborative art project to Steve Prince, a published artist I was working, that would bring people together and revive the community of Meadville. Learning that the zipper was invented in meadville, we devised "The Big Zipper", a puzzle-piece project that would allow community members to design their unique piece to a larger puzzle that would "zip" Meadville together.

After coordinating and organizing workshops at over ten community sites, community members came out to the finishing of the project where a steamroller was used to ink and print the collective four-foot by thirty-two foot puzzle. This community day was published in meadville's major publications and opened up a small neighborhood center cafe with the donations earned.

I learned from this project that my energy can spark up opportunities. As an assistant an artist, I didn't limit my potential, rather I utilized each opportunity to grow.