Short Intro.  Hey, my name is Manuel Popa and I am an amateur photographer and engineer. Well I say if I cannot buy it then I will design it, build it, and make it work.

Where Have I Been? I graduated with a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from the Grove School of Engineering at City College. While there I worked at Watermark Designs where as a team we designed, manufactured, and marketed a luxury grab bar for hotel showers. I choose to continue with this type of work and joined RF CUNY to help market their Sustainable goals.  

Where Am I Now? Recently I joined a digital marketing intensive apprenticeship called COOP where I am working with the client Heat Seek NYC where I did a SEO audit their website, increased their social presence, and made several campaigns in AdWords. I am also web designer and blogger. I develop and monetize sites for hobbyist and musicians using Google AdSense, Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, and more.

Where Am I Going? I see myself continuing using the skills I have as an engineer along with the newer marketing skills to grow as well rounded marketer for the 21st century. An ideal fit would be a company that helps design, develops, manufactures, creates, and then markets a service or product.  

3 Strengths

  • I have great analytical skills.
  • I can work well in large and small teams as well as independently.
  • I use my experience in different fields for current projects.

1 Learning Target

  • I am trying to be more outgoing.

2 Companies I really admire and Why

Yahoo has kept stuff fun and innovated throughout the years. The have a great balance of news and entertainment on their front page which is customizable and more personal. 

They are a leader in the field of optics for over 80 years. They have an environmental program to recycle old technologies and reduce e-waste as well as many other environmental projects.

Let me tell you about ...

My senior project at the Grove School of Engineering at City College. As a team we were designing, building, marketing, and then racing an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). When we were choosing a pipe to make the frame I was tasked to test it to make sure it was suitable. I tested the sample and it passed so we order enough to build the frame. Each team member was assigned a different task and we finished the vehicle but at competition the frame failed inspection. Apparently we ordered the correct pipe but received a thinner one. So before the competition we acquired new pipe from our fellow competitors and built a double frame along side the old frame. We entered the race a bit late but finished for the first time in school history. When presenting the final project we realized the there was no cross checking while were working independently on each part of the vehicle. We devised a system for future builders to check and recheck throughout the process, it worked as each team since has placed higher during the race.