Hula-Hooping at Francis Lewis Park in Queens, NY.

About Me. I am Chelsea Negron and I'm an enthusiastic Digital Marketing Apprentice working towards building a career in Social Media. When I'm not searching the latest trends, I enjoy expressing myself through dance, more specifically HOOP dance. Check out Chelsea's page!


Where Have I Been?  Before pursuing an interest in Marketing, I briefly attended LaGuardia Community College and studied Early Childhood Education. A few weeks into my courses, I realized education wasn't the career field I felt most passionate about.

On the journey to find myself, I took a break from school and worked as a List Research Analyst at the Institute for International Research(IIR). I enjoyed working on a team but felt stuck in my position and was eager to excel. While working at IIR, I came to enjoyed working in a business setting, and decided to enroll at DeVry College to pick up the skills needed to move up the ladder. I majored in Business Administration and specialized in Project Management. After my traditional marketing class, I realized I wanted to work within digital marketing, possibly having a hands on roll running social media campaigns. I saw this field as an opportunity to work in a growing industry that is relevant to something I encounter in everyday life and switched my major to marketing

Where Am I Now? I currently attend DeVry College of New York, expected to graduate Winter of 2017. I am obtaining a Bachelor's in Professional Studies for Business Administration, specializing in Sales & Marketing. In my spare time, I work as a Homework Specialist, helping children with english and math at an after school program. 

Recently I was accepted into the COOP program where I am picking up the highly valued skills that could help me achieve my goals. COOP welcomed me with open arms, and the influential people I network with daily help me understand the field I want to get into. I want to be able to say I was a part of COOP and successfully learned the Digital Marketing skills needed to succeed in this field.

Where Am I Going? In the near future, I would like to graduate and get a job in digital marketing to get hands on experience in the space, hopefully then moving more towards a career in paid social.

3 Strengths

  • I can collaborate efficiently with a team of peers and superiors.
  • I can pick up new skills quickly and am always eager to learn.
  • I can work effectively within a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Database

1 Learning Target

  • I can efficiently teach myself new skills in short periods of time 

2 Companies I admire and Why



Path Interactive is a NYC-based SEO agency that provide website optimizations for national, regional & local clients. I have personally visited their office, and it's amazing to see young, intelligent people who work in such new field. In particular, I admire Sarah Dryden for her ability to work in 2 fields as an SEO & Social Media Director, and hope to one day have a similar position. 

SHOP JEEN is a fashion E-commerce company founded in 2012 by a college student. What interests me is that they have no physical location yet they can have a growing base of loyal shoppers that was mostly grown through social media. Their marketing on social media (mainly Instagram) has succeeded in making them a well known name among a younger demo that spends a increasing amount of time on several social channels.

Let me tell you about ...

Setting the stage. In 2009, I volunteered at my local YMCA as a counselor for children between the ages of 4-11. 

Central Queens Y Summer Day Camp 2011

Central Queens Y Summer Day Camp 2011

The beginning. I enjoyed working with children, and decided to major in Early Childhood Education.

The middle. While student teaching I realized education wasn't the "dream" field for me. 

The End. I switch fields and moved on to pursue an education in Marketing. 

Reflection. I learned that it's okay to switch paths and in the end, I gained confidence and leadership experience working with a team of counselors that has helped me move forward into new fields.