Short Intro.  My name is Daniel Valladares, I'm an enthusiastic digital marketing apprentice who is constantly learning about the latest trends in digital marketing. 

Where Have I Been? I graduated at the end of May 2016 from Lehman College with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing. I have a variety of experiences that have allowed me to diversify my skills, from being a Route Manager, Dispatcher, Sales Associate to a Jr. Estimator.

Where Am I Now? Currently, I am a Digital Marketing apprentice at COOP which trains individuals in Excel, HTML/CSS, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Paid Social.

Where Am I Going? My goal is to lead a successful career using all the vast experiences I  acquired, as well as continue my education by getting into a M.S. program in order to expand my knowledge in Marketing even more.

3 Strenghts

  • I can lead or be led within a team.
  • I can learn fast, therefore, perform.
  • I can think outside the box.

1 Learning Target

  • learn as much as possible about SEO, SEM and all the relevant social platforms.

2 Companies I really admire and Why


Facebook is the leader in social media, and is a reference point for digital marketing as far as SEO and SEM is concerned. In a era where new social platforms are lunching, Facebook has the ability to reinvent itself and still be ahead of the game. Watching Facebook grow and developed since it was founded in 2004 with creator Mark Zuckerberg, who built not only a social platform but it revolutionized a several industries all at once, is inspirational. 

Even thought I am not a fan of this team, I am a major Football (soccer) fan. Manchester United is an organization that has always been around disputing championships since I was a child. However, the reason why I really admire this team is because it is an enterprise, They are one of few successful sports teams in the stock market, and since 2012 when they went public, have managed to maintain good results inside and outside the field.

Let me tell you about ...

This happened when I used to be a Jr. Estimator in Tully Constructions.

We were working in a bid for a NY DEP (Department of environmental Protection) for several months already and the company really wanted to get it because it was close to a projects's job site that we already had won previously. Therefore, some of the costs for the new bid were supposed to be cheaper.

However, for some reason, the final number for the bid came out super high and out proportion, and there was only a couple of hours for the bid. The engineers, that put the bid together went crazy, because apparently one of the subcontractors made a mistake in one of his quotes and there was noway we were submitting that number. 

Thankfully, my colleague and I had a data base we created for all subcontractors and everything that they had submitted for previous projects, so we started looking for similar projects that had the same kind of job items, and give them back to the engineers so they were able to repurpose the bid. At the end they end up fix the number and the company won the bid, which it save the day for everyone. 

What I learned from this situation is that even for improvising you have to be prepare in order to be capable of performing and also organization always comes in handy, every time.