Hi beautiful people. My name is Tasnia, born & raised in Brooklyn, before the gentrification!  I'm a 90's kid & boy do I feel blessed growing up in the most talked about generation ever. In fact Jeremy Scott, the creative director of Moschino, designed the Spring/Summer 2016 line based on the Powerpuff Girls! I have an interest in fashion and further developed this in 2007 when I took a Fashion Designing course at FDR High School. I created a cream & black big polka dot tote bag similar to this, out of lace, silk, viscose & newspaper clippings for my label. However after contemplating on what I want to pursue as a career, I decided to go to Zicklin School of Business to develop the marketing & management skills to operate a successful creative agency.

After many years of camping out in the library, 2015 was the year when I finally achieved my Bachelors in Business Administration from Baruch College. I majored in Advertising & Marketing Communications sticking to the creative field as well as building a strong business background. During my time as an undergrad, in 2011/12, I joined the Undergraduate Student Government and came up with the brand name for "The Bearcat Express" which was a weekly newsletter containing updates with Academic/Professional opportunities. In 2013/14 for a brief period of time, I became involved with ADSBaruch and was their Social Media Manager & Accounts Director. I created the Instagram account @ADSBaruch handling the content, such as the bio, writing their posts, connecting with other companies & creating an organic hashtag #ADSBaruch. It was a great learning experience as I got exposure to companies such as  IPG Media Lab, McCan Erickson, ZenithOptimedia, etc. During my senior year, I worked as the Marketing Manager for the Marketing & International Business Department at Baruch College and got a chance to collaborate with Interbrand & Ready Set Rocket, creating the organic hashtags #WearToShare & #2Big2Evolve.

While actively looking for new opportunities, I am currently an apprentice at COOP. The reason I joined is because I saw it as a chance to learn new skills & build relationships within the Advertising/Marketing Industry.

I want to establish myself in the Advertising/Marketing Industry and start my own creative agency in 10 years.


3 Strengths

  • Activator - I can think on my feet
  • Restorative -  I can find creative solutions
  • Futuristic - I can forecast trends

1 Learning Target

  • I can learn how to be less critical of myself.

I LOVE these 2 companies:

GNF Marketing is a boutique agency that values unique ideas more than anything. They are not afraid taking upon challenges and focus on individualized plans for each of their clients. 3 cores they follow is Guerrilla Marketing or "word of mouth", Mobile Tours, & Launch Events. The Chief Creative Officer & my Branding professor, Steve Gold is someone who I love and admire. He is a tough cookie but extremely inspirational. I gained so much insight from his course and his life experiences. He is the reason why I was able to gain so much confidence with pursuing my career.

Lush is a UK based cosmetic company that are pioneers in selling only fresh vegetarian hand made products. They focus on a strong ethical culture & participate in social causes. They chose trends that match their brands and create innovative products that tie in with a cause. For example currently Lush has started an online conversation called #refugeeswelcome and launched the “Hand of Friendship” product which donates to their Friendship Fund providing relief to the refugees and those in times of crisis. Their activism often makes them controversial. I truly love lush campaigns because it restores my faith in humanity. Lush is a prime example that business ethics does not compromise with personal ethics.

Spring 2012 ...

During my 3rd semester at Baruch College as a transfer student I started a Social Media group for my Calculus course.

This course determines whether or not students get accepted to the Zicklin School of Business. I failed twice & ended up going on academic probation. For me this was the most challenging point of my life because I had no direction on where my life was heading.

However when it was final trial to take the class again, I started to communicate with my peers & was determined to help others while myself at the same time. The professor actually started to post his notes & videos on the group which made it more easier for us to learn. The more people relied on me the more responsible I became not only for myself but for those who were also struggling.  

At the end those who participated in the Facebook group actually ended up doing well and finally passing the class.

I learned that community can make a positive impact on individuals who  I have the power to influence others and actually help myself while helping people. Ultimately, I gained the confidence to lead people & bring in positive results.