I'm Jonathan Dennis and I'm a multimedia specialist.  I have learned and continue to learn various digital marketing, journalistic and web development disciplines, and will continue to be an asset professionally now and in the future.

I'm a graduate of Lehman College with a degree in Mass Communications and a minor in Music.  In college I interned at ABC news as one of the coordinators with the broadcasters to help edit their sports segments for live television.  I also worked within the broadcast studio of Lehman to produce--and even direct on one occasion--segments of the award winning Bronx Journal.  Once I graduated I set up three separate blogs that I still contribute on to this day.  

Currently I am a digital marketing apprentice at the CO-OP program learning different disciplines such as paid social, SEM, SEO, Excel, content marketing, various Google applications, and so on. I joined CO-OP  because I genuinely wanted to add to my skills so that I could be more well rounded and functional in order to accomplish my career goals.  Although I didn't initially join for the community(didn't know much about how far it would go), the community based connections and the opportunities contribute to career opportunities.  I'm also learning web development(both front and back-end) in my spare time.  On a personal level I'm still contributing to all three of the blogs I started, and in my spare time I'm also a youth leader in my church, singer, piano player,  sports enthusiast, and lover and collector of good movies.

My plans for the future consists of being a professional yet ever evolving expert within digital marketing.  I would love to go above and beyond in the disciplines of SEM, SEO, and even media planning/buying, and in general flourishing in every new and emerging markets within the digital realm.  I hope to be a notable figure within this branch of media.  On a personal side I would also love to master web development, and also continue to write about things that are important to me for anyone that will read.  I also hope to one day start a family.

3 Strengths

  • I can learn and apply new skills quickly
  • I can work well with others
  • I can be flexible when needed in difficult situations

1 Learning Target

  • I would like to be an effective digital marketer in all aspects as well as continue to evolve within each discipline as trends change.

2 Companies I really admire and Why

I particularly like this company because they are continuously interested in what people are interested in concerning media in general.  I love how they've found a way to balance traditional media and new media effectively.  Not only are they reliable when it comes to data--even Google uses their stats--but they also have client services, which I'm sure is the best they can get to grow their businesses.

I admire this company simply because of its app to be honest.  I love the design, timeliness, convenience, and overall marketing of it.  I also love the way it keeps me, the consumer, updated at all times wherever I am. It's truly reliable and on-time which is most important for a sports app.

Let me tell you about ...

As a senior at Lehman College I was able to intern at ABC 7 news in the sports department as one of the coordinators between myself and the broadcasters. One of the broadcasters was quite specific on what video footage, info, and content he wanted for each of his segments, and at first I struggled greatly on providing what he wanted on a day-to-day basis.  This resulted in him being very upset.  Initially it was tough since he was upset, but I decided to be calm and specific, respectively, in how and what questions I asked to ascertain what he wanted specifically.  For example: he wanted a certain type of color shot for each segment as well as the impact of it, so I had to carefully listen to every detail and make sure that whatever he asked for I had multiple options for him.  In essence I made sure he had a sort of a buffet of choices to ensure he was satisfied.

In the end I eventually succeeded in giving him what he wanted on a continuous basis and I actually became his go-to guy for bigger and more important sporting events. I learned that it pays to listen, be patient, temperate, flexible, ask questions, and face issues head on even when things are tense.  I believe these are most important especially when dealing with clients and also co-workers. It lends itself to progress and efficiency without letting tensions, or other unforeseen issues, hinder success.