What is COOP (pronounced koh-op)? 

COOP is a FREE post-graduate bootcamp that focuses on digital marketing. Our mission is to OVERcome UNDERemployment. We are a Nonprofit(501c3) startup with the mission to empower young people, colleges, and companies to create a more inclusive, connected economy. We believe that graduates have already spent enough on higher education, so they shouldn’t be spending anymore. No, it’s not a scam. Yes, it’s completely free!  

Why/How is it free?

COOP is a nonprofit organization. COOP’s focus is to help graduates launch their career in the digital marketing field. Our model allows us to raise funds from philanthropies and industry leaders. We keep our costs low because many of our students return to pay it forward. Teach for America also supports our mission by allowing us to run our workshops in their space. We also have a contract and many networking events with Google as well.  

Who teaches COOP?

Alumni! The best part of COOP is the continual community. Once students complete the 200+ hours of hands on workshop, many of them return to pass on the knowledge to new students.  We have over 200 alumni, 15 cohorts, and it’s only been 2 years.

Does it really work? Worth my time?

It all depends on you. The amount of effort and energy you put in will impact your performance. As mentioned, it is 200+ hours of hands on workshops in many digital marketing topics and trends. From learning Excel formulas to Google AdWords, you will be well prepared. We also invite many experts in the field (Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, etc) to come and talk about their experiences. You will also be able to attend many networking events with Tech Giants.

Who is a part of COOP?

Our COOPers are local grads who have an interest in Digital Marketing. Many COOPers come from different backgrounds, which we believe enhances our hope for diversity in tech.  

Where is COOP located?

COOP started in New York City with currently 14 cohorts. As of just 2016, we have moved to the West Coast and started our first cohort in San Francisco. And hopefully, we will expand to other cities around the country.

How do you expect to raise revenue?

Along with given grants by philanthropies and corporations, we also hope to raise money by donations from friends, family, and anyone else.

Is this an accredited undergrad program?

No. COOP is a 16 week extensive bootcamp with the purpose of helping young professionals launch their careers by providing them with the network and educational resources that will help pivot their careers.

Do we get certifications/what certifications?

At COOP you will learn the skills needed to pass the Google AdWords exam. While other COOPers have used their skills to take other Google exams, along with Bing Ads and Microsoft exams.

Where do COOPers usually find work at?

COOPers usually find work within the Digital Marketing industry, but are encouraged to apply to other jobs as these skills can be transferable to many.