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Hello, all! My name is Matthew Szulman and I am looking for a job in the Digital Media world. I want to, perhaps, work as a Digital Copywriter, or anything that catches my eye in this ever-growing industry. I graduated from Brooklyn College with my BA in Communication in the Spring of 2015. My past work includes working as a File Clerk at NYU Lutheran Medical Center and as a Summer Intern at Masbia Soup Kitchen Network. 

My current jobs include working as an Arbitration Clerk for the law firm, Jaffe & Koumourdas, LLP, as well as being a Digital Marketing Apprentice at COOP. My skills that can transition well into Digital Marketing include a solid understanding of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and previous experience writing advertising copy for both school and my internship. I joined COOP to gain valuable skills that I can use in Digital Marketing and to make connections that will help me land a full-time position.

Ten years down the road, I hope to still be working in marketing in some capacity or in a senior administrative role such as an HR Director. I hope to continue expanding my knowledge of Digital Marketing, as new industry trends set what is imperative to learn. Also, I hope to move into my own place, finally!

  • I can write fairly well

  • I can organize things meticulously

  • I can be passionate about things that interest me

I can use COOP to enhance my Digital Marketing skills for a potential career in media. 

I admire Masbia Soup Kitchen Network because it was my internship and it introduced me to what a non-profit who feeds the public can do. Working with a limited government budget, I admire the director, Alexander Rapaport, for his tenacity in working non-stop to ensure that every person who walks through Masbia's doors can leave with a full stomach and a satisfying experience. 

I admire COOP because it gives me the opportunity to acquire skills that many entry-level media jobs demand. They are a unique company because programs like these see potential in hungry CUNY graduates and that's something I was eager to be a part of. I admire every COOP captain who takes time out of their day to teach empty vessels what they know so their cohorts can have a basic understanding of the different aspects of Digital Marketing. 

Let me tell you about my "Project Problems"

During my second to last semester at Brooklyn College, I had to partner up with a classmate for a media research project on the frequencies of female nudity in American film genres of 2013. When it came to school work, I had become accustomed to working independently, so one major challenge, to me, was collaborating on a semester-long project and being dependent on another person for a grade. We took actions by figuring out the best times to meet after class and work on the material, distributing tasks evenly, because otherwise, the project wouldn’t have been completed. Our results culminated with a finalized project, which we presented to the class successfully, and received an A on. I learned to be patient when it comes to collaborating with others, as well as finding and bringing out the strengths of your peers, and utilizing them in order to reach a more effective outcome.