About Me.  I am a passionate individual that seeks to contribute to society and the global community. I am hardworking, quick-learning and work best in a fast paced environment. I enjoy experimenting with creative outlets such as make-up, and fiction writing. I'm all about delivering results and I’m always eager to take on a new challenge. I am passionate about learning more about the digital media industry and seek to actively be apart of a world that is changing as rapidly as the digital world.

Where Have I Been? I am a recent college graduate with my B.F.A. in Creative Writing from Brooklyn College. I have a work history in retail sales, the publishing and literary industry and education. I have also dedicated (and regularly dedicate) time to community service events.

Where Am I Now? I am currently working as a social media and editorial intern for Spring St., digital media company which seeks to be a positive space, changing the way women view the internet while empowering women 30+.

Where Am I Going? I am seeking to apply my creativity and diverse outlook to the digital media industry by working with organizations who share the same goals.

3 Strengths

  • I have strong writing and copy editing skills.
  • I always meet deadlines.
  • I am goal-driven.

1 Learning Target

  • I intend to learn new skills in order to be more professionally diverse.

Two Companies I Really Admire

I really admire this company because it is one that empowers women and it's founder, Michelle Phan, has proved that with hard work, persistence and passion–your dreams can come true.

I admire Netflix because the video streaming service features shows and movies that are culturally and ethnically diverse. This is a move that media needs to make because of how rapidly the world is changing and it makes it easier to connect to consumers.

Let me tell you about the time I learned to push the limit.

I was a timid college sophomore when I registered for a creative writing course. I hadn't shared any of my creative work prior to this class and was uneasy about sharing for workshop. My professor encouraged her students to submit their work to a publication at the end of the semester and I wasn't sure if my work was ready for any submissions just yet.

Throughout the semester, I had the opportunity to work with many talented writers and they all had one thing in common–they were not only passionate about their work but they were ambitious. 

Around mid-semester, I decided that I would work towards a submission. I wanted to push past my boundaries and work past my own apprehensions. I took pride in my work and consciously aspired to produce my best work yet. 

This carried through to my various jobs over the years. I highlighted my strengths and worked towards growing in my weaknesses. I constantly set goals for myself and work diligently at doing above and beyond my own expectations. I learned how to be ambitious and that has stayed with me until now.